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Performance Review System

However you implement your staff reviews, this system can help. You can create your own custom questions and configure the format in which staff need to respond. You can keep the history of previous year's review data and use it to compare KPIs and achievements for future reviews.

We can even customise the site so that your logo and terminology is used throughout.

Web Site Improvements In Response To Static Web Site Lighthouse Results

Back in February 2019, I wrote a post and did a video explaining how I migrated from my Wordpress site to a static site and the reasons behind that decision. The video showed the Google Lighthouse results and recommendations and I explained what I planned to do with those results.

I have made some modifications to the site in response to that feedback and I wanted to show you the new Lighthouse results.

Here are the overall results that Lighthouse gave me from the static site that was generated from my Wordpress admin site.

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Coming Soon! A Vue.js Course To Teach You How To Create A Fully Working Application

I am continually trying to improve my coding skills and learn new techniques and methodologies. Part of that is to also keep abreast of new languages. I have been closely watching the rise of Vue.js and decided I wanted to learn it. So I started researching.

I looked at many different sources to get learning material and there are plenty. But it seemed like they all just explained how to do specific aspects of the language. I wanted to learn how to create a full application that was meaningful and applicable to real world. But I couldn’t find anywhere that gave me what I wanted. So I decided to create it myself.

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Analysing My Decision To Move From WordPress To A Static Web Site

Today I wanted to have a quick chat to you about some changes that I’ve made on my site. The reason that I made these changes is a bit of an experiment. I wanted to see if making my web site faster would make much of a difference to my search engine ranking and general search engine results.

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Ways To Help Your Community

Every year, we seek out a not-for-profit organisation and offer them help with their web site. At absolutely no cost. The only criteria is that the organisation be a not for profit. Any industry, any number of staff. It doesn’t matter. Please pass this on to other people who you feel might be in need of some much needed expert help with their web site.

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