Happy Holidays

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and productive 2018

Performance Review System

However you implement your staff reviews, this system can help. You can create your own custom questions and configure the format in which staff need to respond. You can keep the history of previous year’s review data and use it to compare KPIs and achievements for future reviews.

We can even customise the site so that your logo and terminology is used throughout.

Facebook Messenger Kids App

Facebook is trialing a new Messenger Kids app in the United States. The standalone app is aimed at under-13s, who aren’t currently eligible for a normal Facebook account.

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We Can Help Contact Your Customers

If you have ever tried to send out Christmas cards or other types of letters to large groups of your customers, you will understand how difficult and time consuming it can be. We can help take away that pain.

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New Client – Jasper Fogerty Lawyers

We are pleased to announce a new client relationship with Jasper Fogerty Lawyers. We enjoyed working with Jasper Fogerty Lawyers and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

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Web Site Design For Centra Toowong

Woolston Web Design is proud to announce the re-designed web site for a new client – Centra Toowong apartment building.

We look forward to continuing to work with Centra Toowong.

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10 Things To Check Your Web Site Is Being Effective

Everyone wants their web site to be effective. You might want to attract customers or get your idea out there to as many people as possible.

Here are 10 things you should consider when creating your web site or evaluating how effective your existing web site is.

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Combine PDF Documents

I am sure we have all been in that situation where you have a few PDF files and need to combine them together. Short of getting Acrobat Pro or using some online service, there isn’t an easy way to do it.

So I decided to write something myself. And I shared the code on Github.

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Centra Toowong Re-Design

Centra Toowong are a new client and have commissioned Woolston Web Design to re-design their web site. The new web site will include videos, view-on-all-devices layout, hero images and an apartment search facility. Stay tuned for the results soon.

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Review How Your Staff Are Performing

Review How Your Staff Are Performing. And get your entire company involved.

Our performance review system allows you to manage your staff, roles and supervisors. When the review process is finished, print great looking reports to use when your people meet together to discuss goals and KPIs.

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