Search Engine Optimisation Strategies

Search engines are the best way to find what you want on the internet. So when you build your web site for your business or personal endeavour, you want people to find you.

We will optimise your web site so that it has the best chance to appear prominently in search engine results.

We do this by structuring your web site code to be easily understood by search engines. There are standards for web site code and we keep abreast of these standards and all web sites we build adhere to them.

We also place your keywords in prominent places on your web site so that search engines can quickly understand the purpose of the web site.

We can also help with advertising like Google Ads and Facebook advertising campaigns.

When the web site is finished, we monitor its progress and give you regular feedback on how it is performing on search engines. This helps us to advise you if your keyword strategy needs to change so that you can get an advantage over your competitors.