New Customer – Pelican Business Services

John and Amanda found me via a Google search and our first phone call was very productive.

They explained their unhappiness with their current web site. It was essentially a black and white flyer which they had no content control.

New Customer – Material Difference

Material Difference had specific ideas about what the site should look like. There approach was well-planned which made it much easier to implement.

New Customer – Greg J Bryant Musician

GREG J BRYANT is an award winning and internationally acclaimed songwriter with many awards to his name.

New Customer – Thynne + Macartney

Thynne + Macartney wanted a fresh design and also incorporate some new functionality so we built a highly customised site to deliver their content.

New Customer – The Caterpillar Songbook

The Caterpillar Song won first place in the 2012 Australian Songwriters Association Songs For Children category. Greg J Bryant (the artist behind the song) decided he wanted to create a children’s book that accompanies the song and we were happy to help him create an online store to help him sell his merchandise. The site […]

New Customer – Veriskills By QTAC


Home page

New Customer – Lacuna Legal

The team at Lacuna Legal were relatively happy with their web site but their hosting provider was closing and they need to migrate very quickly. I worked with Bronwyn and Allison and we made a plan to get the site migrated. The whole process was very quick and the team are very happy with their new site.

New Customer – Fabtex Premium Upholstery & Fabrics

I am pleased to announce a re-designed site for Fabtex at

This site is a re-design of an existing site which the customer was not happy with. Unfortunately, the site had only very recently been created but they were not happy with it. The developer was very difficult to contact and slow to respond to requests, so Fabtex had no choice than to look elsewhere.

New Client – Food On King

My new client Food On King sell amazing fresh and cooked seafood on King St, Caboolture. Check the web site and call them next time you want a great meal

Brand New Side-By-Side WordPress Theme

This is a simple, yet stylish theme.

It features a responsive design so will work on all devices. It has full height content blocks with vertical separation between the menu/header section and the page content.

All you need to do is bring your domain name and I will host for you at very competitive rates.

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