WordPress Themes And Plugins

WordPress has always been a very popular tool for blogging. More recently, WordPress is being used a full-blown Content Management System (CMS).

There are many agencies who build web sites on WordPress. A lot of those agencies will charge you a premium price for the development but then use a purchased theme and build on that.

I don't do that though.

Sure, I have a skeleton theme that I use as a basis to build on. But that theme only has core functionality which gives me an entire blank canvas to build your web site upon. And I know what code is in my blankslate theme (that's actually what I call it). Buying a theme or even worse, acquiring a free theme to build on is fraught with dangers. The code in the theme should be fully documented and known to the developer to be sure that there is no malware or back-doors which could allow attacks to occur.

At the time of writing, there has been an explosion malware attacks across the globe. These attacks have taken many forms but have mostly all resulted from either not updating plugins and themes or badly constructed code in plugins or themes. When I build my themes from the ground up, I know the code in my themes and I can be sure there are no hidden nasties waiting to pop up.

The benefits of using a CMS are many. One of the advantages are that you have control of the content on the site. We can create great looking sites and create the structure for you. We can even help you fill the site with useful content. And the new block editor in WordPress means you have even greater capacity for creativity than ever before. There is now no need to code editor plugins because WordPress has them straight out of the box. And if you have specific needs, I can build you custom blocks to use in the block editor. This is great if you have specific layout needs or regularly create the same content.

After that, you have complete control over the content and its layout in your site. You can create new pages and posts and the theme will automatically format it.

We have over 10 years of experience with WordPress and can help with your design, development, web hosting and even getting the best for your site.