Bespoke Custom Applications

Do you have specific logic that need to incorporate into a web site?

Do you use spreadsheets and documents that are shared amongst people for collaboration?

Do you need to capture information from viewers and then do something specific with it?

These are all scenarios which could be converted into custom applications.

A custom application can be written in any number of programming languages. It can be available on the internet or behind a secure firewall. It can be connected to a database or email system in order to store information and share it across a wide audience.

We specialise in applications built in PHP or .Net which can apply your specific logic to data and make it available in many different ways.

Here are a few examples of custom applications we have built:

  • a cloud-based booking system where customers can make appointments with businesses. This system lets people browse when appointments are available and book the service they require. Once a person makes a booking for a specific time, that slot is then marked busy and cannot be booked by anyone else
  • an online course system. This system lets you create video content and catalogue it into courses. The courses can be free or you can charge for them and people can pay online using PayPal
  • sports scoring systems. We have created online scoring systems for AFL and cricket which track incidental aspects of the game and collates them for easy consumption
  • a performance review system. Businesses review their staff performance regularly. This online system allows businesses to customise the questions that staff need to respond to. It allows for KPIs to be set based on job position and records responses in order to compare them to subsequent years

These are just some of the applications we have built. The scope or possibilities is almost endless.

If you can come up with the idea - we can build it for you.