How Does Google Do What It Does With SEO

A lot of people seem to think that search engine optimisation is hard. That is correct to a degree, but the basics are quite simple.

3 Important Steps Your Should Take When Moving From A Staging Site To Production

I love building web sites. And I especially love building web sites for other people. So when someone asks me to build them a website – either a new one or a re-design of an existing one – I jump at the chance. The best part is when the site goes from the staging server […]

New Customer – Thynne + Macartney

Thynne + Macartney wanted a fresh design and also incorporate some new functionality so we built a highly customised site to deliver their content.

So Simple Collapsible Responsive Navigation Using Only CSS

A web site’s navigation is vitally important. It is how people navigate around your web site quickly and easily. When you have a relatively small web site with only a handful of pages, the navigation bar can be simple and uncluttered. But when you add more and more pages, things get a little more hectic.

New Customer – The Caterpillar Songbook

The Caterpillar Song won first place in the 2012 Australian Songwriters Association Songs For Children category. Greg J Bryant (the artist behind the song) decided he wanted to create a children’s book that accompanies the song and we were happy to help him create an online store to help him sell his merchandise. The site […]

New Customer – Veriskills By QTAC


Home page

New Customer – Lacuna Legal

New Customer – Fabtex Premium Upholstery & Fabrics

I am pleased to announce a re-designed site for Fabtex at

This site is a re-design of an existing site which the customer was not happy with. Unfortunately, the site had only very recently been created but they were not happy with it. The developer was very difficult to contact and slow to respond to requests, so Fabtex had no choice than to look elsewhere.

Intriguing Case Study – Customer Web Site Re-Design Based On Analytics Results

COVID-19 has impacted almost everyone and Horizon Funerals have also been affected. The number of incoming calls dropped off significantly so they simply wrote that off to COVID-19. However, when they received the latest monthly statistics, they realised that the web site was still get significant hits. But that web site traffic was not converting into phone calls.

So the decision was made to re-design the site. And there were some very specific ideas around what the new site should look like.

Does Your Law Firm Need Helping Moving Your Web Site?

Does your law firm need help moving your web site because your hosting provider isn’t supporting you any more? Or do you need a new site? I can help.

Some firms may be in a position where their web site needs to be moved by the end of the financial year. Contact me today for more information.

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