About Us

Woolston Web Design is based in Caboolture Queensland - just north of Brisbane in Australia. We are a local web design business building custom web site designs for people in the local community.

We are dedicated to helping local businesses get a web site to promote their business and succeed in their chosen industry. There are two main reasons why you should contact us.

1. You Want A New Web Site

If you do not have a web site yet, then you are missing out on so much. There are people out there looking for you and your product. But they will not find you if you do not have a web site. You have a product that you believe in, so you need to convince everyone else that is good too - and that they need to get it from you. Not your competitor.

Just think, if your competitor has a web site and you do not, they are getting all that business. Just consider that there are 14,000 google search requests every second. Think how many people are out there searching for things. Even if you could get a tiny fraction of those results, think of the benefit that will give to your business or product.

We have great packages for brand new web sites. You can start with our Basic Package which includes 3 main pages. We talk to you about your content and we advise how to best present that content to people so you grab their attention.

If your competitor has a web site and you do not, they are getting all that business

2. You Want To Upgrade Your Existing Web Site

You may already have a web site but you are not happy with it. Maybe it's getting tired looking. Maybe it hasn't been updated in a while, so does not really reflect what your business goals are any more. Or maybe you just don't like the colours.

You should consider updating the design of your web site regularly. I try to refresh the design of my web site at least once a year, but that might be too often for most people. But consider people coming to your web site. They see the same design every time they come. Your content may be great, and that will keep people coming back, but your design should also attract people's attention. Make them excited to read your content. Not only that, your web site design should make your products and content stand out and grab people's attention.

Also, your web site will appear higher on search engine results if you regularly maintain your content. Every time Google crawls your web site, it records the content. When it returns, if the content has changed, the search engine can tell that you are keeping your content fresh and current. Search engines consider that good activity and will be more likely to prioritise your content in search results. It's not rocket science. You will be rewarded for giving people current and fresh information.

Your content may be great, and that will keep people coming back, but your design should also attract people's attention.

If these things are not happening, then you need to re-design your web site. We have many packages available so contact us for more information.

Aside from the building great web sites, here are some other things that we do:

  • WordPress custom themes and plugins - your web site will be built on WordPress. As at July 2017, 59% of the world's web sites were built using WordPress. It is a very powerful tool and is perfect for you if you want to change your content as you see fit. And it's easy to use.
  • Responsive design - all of our web site designs are mobile friendly. Search engines give priority to web sites that look good on all types of devices. This is just another example of how to give your readers great content that is easy to read.
  • Search Engine Optimisation - there are some basic SEO principles you should be aware if you want to beat your competitors
  • Bespoke web applications - we can create custom web sites for you. Some examples that we have available already are a Performance Review System, a Q&A forum application, a Food Planning application and a custom Invoicing system
  • Online shopping E-commerce web sites - give customers every opportunity to view and buy your product by building an online store

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Proudly associated with Glasshouse Christian College. See our listing on their web site here.