Finding Your Google My Business Information If You Do Not Know The URL

Sometimes it can be difficult to find your “Google My Business” information if you don’t know the URL. You will need your Google account that is linked to your My Business account.

Analysing My Decision To Move From WordPress To A Static Web Site

Today I wanted to have a quick chat to you about some changes that I’ve made on my site. The reason that I made these changes is a bit of an experiment. I wanted to see if making my web site faster would make much of a difference to my search engine ranking and general search engine results.

WDWDNet Screencast #3 – Using SASS in Visual Studio MVC Projects

This video is a description of how to incorporate SASS into your Visual Studio projects. Using the application, Web Essentials, you can use SASS (CSS pre-processor) in your MVC and Web Forms projects.

The Second Podcast From Web Design With .Net

This episode talks about how to structure your .Net solution and some tips and tricks for tools to use. You will find out things like: How to limit data access by setting references correctly How to use dependency injection with Unity How to do object mapping with AutoMapper How to use T4 templates to do […]

The Second Podcast From Web Design With .Net