Does Your Law Firm Need Helping Moving Your Web Site?

Does your law firm need help moving your web site because your hosting provider isn’t supporting you any more? Or do you need a new site? I can help.

Some firms may be in a position where their web site needs to be moved by the end of the financial year. Contact me today for more information.

New Client – Food On King

My new client Food On King sell amazing fresh and cooked seafood on King St, Caboolture. Check the web site and call them next time you want a great meal

1 Simple Way To Improve Your Web Site Speed – Change Hosting Providers

I recently changed my web site hosting provider and my lighthouse speed score improved x4. Let me tell you what I did.

Brand New Side-By-Side WordPress Theme

This is a simple, yet stylish theme.

It features a responsive design so will work on all devices. It has full height content blocks with vertical separation between the menu/header section and the page content.

All you need to do is bring your domain name and I will host for you at very competitive rates.

Brand New Green WordPress Theme

Here is a beautifully contemporary new theme for Wordpress. You can customise the logo and the content to suit your business and the contact us page will forward the customer’s query to your choice of email address. Contact me today for more information and pricing.

5 Easy Tips For Search Engine Optimisation In Laravel

Here are some easy tips on how to use Laravel sections to create dynamic SEO tags for your in-page search engine optimisation.

Simple steps to change/move the root of your Git source repository

Have you ever created a Git repository and then later realised you created it in the wrong level of the folder structure.

Until now, I have dropped the repo and started again but the problem with that is loss of change history.

I show you how to change the folder level of your Git repository without losing any history. In fact, the history that is added as a result of this process is indicative of the changes you made.

Do Not Wait – Get A Great Web Design Now

Don’t be like Brandon Stark.

Don’t wait and hope you ‘Steven Bradbury’ the crown.

Get ahead of your competitors today with a fresh new web design for your business or personal web site.

Web Site Improvements In Response To Static Web Site Lighthouse Results

Back in February 2019, I wrote a post and did a video explaining how I migrated from my Wordpress site to a static site and the reasons behind that decision. The video showed the Google Lighthouse results and recommendations and I explained what I planned to do with those results.

I have made some modifications to the site in response to that feedback and I wanted to show you the new Lighthouse results.

Here are the overall results that Lighthouse gave me from the static site that was generated from my Wordpress admin site.

Coming Soon! A Vue.js Course To Teach You How To Create A Fully Working Application

I am continually trying to improve my coding skills and learn new techniques and methodologies. Part of that is to also keep abreast of new languages. I have been closely watching the rise of Vue.js and decided I wanted to learn it. So I started researching.

I looked at many different sources to get learning material and there are plenty. But it seemed like they all just explained how to do specific aspects of the language. I wanted to learn how to create a full application that was meaningful and applicable to real world. But I couldn’t find anywhere that gave me what I wanted. So I decided to create it myself.

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