Extremely Fun Alternative To The Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

I thought I would share with you a project that I did earlier in the year. It was a project that I was for an electronic Easter Egg hunt. So what I thought I would do is instead of using paper clues, I would do it electronically. The kids would have a tablet and on that tablet would be a web page which gives a graphical clue with a pretty background image and some clue text over the top of it. Click here to find out how I did it and the code I wrote to make it work. Your kids will love you for it.

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Ways To Help Your Community

Every year, we seek out a not-for-profit organisation and offer them help with their web site. At absolutely no cost. The only criteria is that the organisation be a┬ánot for profit. Any industry, any number of staff. It doesn’t matter. Please pass this on to other people who you feel might be in need of some much needed expert help with their web site.

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New Client – Kookaburra Crafts

We would like to welcome Jacqui Callon and Kookaburra Crafts as a new client to Woolston Web Design.

@KookaburraCrafts is a local business in Caboolture, Queensland and they produce quality cards and scrapbooking products.

Read about how we prepared to re-design her site, implemented the changes and are planning to move forward.

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Facebook Opens Job Board

If you are like me, you have a LinkedIn profile which describes your professional experience and career to date.

Facebook has launched a Jobs tab on Business pages where businesses can post job openings. These jobs can be promoted by businesses in a Jobs Dashboard, Facebook Marketplace and the News Feed with ads.

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Google Chrome Blocking Ads

From February 15, 2018 Google will incorporate a built-in ad-blocker into the Chrome browser. Hopefully this means that we will not need to resort to ad-blocker programs to stop those annoying interfering messages while browsing.

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