New Client – Food On King

I am very pleased announce a brand new client - Food On King

I initially spoke with Jon at Food On King while I was picking up some takeaway food in-store. I mentioned to him that I had previously wanted to call ahead and order some food, but couldn’t remember the name of the business. I knew where the store was so tried to look it up on Google Maps but the map was really old. I tried a Google search for applicable keywords but nothing came up.

Jon told me that he had been trying to improve the store’s Google ranking but wasn’t having much luck.

So we discussed building a web site and incorporating a social media marketing strategy and the results have been phenomenal.

Food On King did not have a web site so I built the site and arranged hosting. I even talked Jon through buying the domain name.

Jon was not happy with the business branding so I created a new logo for the business too using the colours he wanted to use to promote his business.

Jon has big plans for the store including ordering and buying online so we will continue working together to make that happen.

I’m very pleased to have Food On King as a new business partner. If you live in the Caboolture area and enjoy great cooked and fresh seafood, please give the team a call and try them out. You will love it.