Ways To Help Your Community

Every year, we seek out a not-for-profit organisation and offer them help with their web site. It's that time of the year again and we are looking for organisations in our local community who are need of help either getting a new web site or updating their old one.

The only criteria is that the organisation be a not for profit. Any industry, any number of staff. It doesn't matter.

Did I mention it's completely free?

Yes, we offer this service at no cost and with no obligation to continue using us once the project is finished. Last year, we worked with Community Bridges who help people transition out of prison back into their community. Unfortunately their site is no longer running, but it helped them gain referrals and advertise their services while it was up. This is the kind of organisation we want to help.

We want to help you to help other people in our community.

We can offer consulting services to guide you through some jargon, help you with a social media campaign or build an entire web site. We can build a professional looking website using WordPress that you can manage after the project is finished. You can change any of the content on the site. And we will give you helpful instructions on how to use the site so that you can use it effectively.

If you know of an organisation which can use our help or if you work for one, reach out and we can discuss all the options.

Please feel free to pass this on to other people who you feel might be in need of some much needed expert help with their web site.