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Savvi Properties

Woolston Web Design is proud to announce the launch of the interim website for Savvi Properties.

Savvi Properties are rental property managers based in Toowong, Brisbane. They are currently managing luxury apartments for a beautiful new building being built in Toowong called "The Village On Archer".

We spent some time talking in person about the goals that Savvi Properties wanted. We decided that the project should be done in two stages.

Firstly, try to get interest from people via a registration form. People will register their interest and then the Savvi team makes contact and completes the sale.

Secondly, the full site will include high quality, 360 degree images of the apartments and building outlook views and full vistas. Each apartment's dimensions, fittings and appliances will be made available for investors' consideration.

One of the most important aspects of the design is the multi-lingual capability. Savvi Properties have many target markets including Europe, China, India, Japan and South East Asia. So the site needed to be multi-lingual and very easy to use. We incorporated automatic translation tools which are so easy to use. When a user arrives at the page written in English, they just click the icon in the header section for their preferred language and the contents of the page are translated. This translation is done automatically with the help of Google Translate. Feel free to ask for more information about how we did that.

We are very happy to have Savvi Properties as valued customers and we look forward to completing the project later this year. Click here to see the full site - http://www.savviproperties.com.au/