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Woolston Web Design has been working with Cleaning Bug for a number of weeks to migrate their existing website to a fresher and cleaner design. Their previous design was static and quite dated. But the biggest goal Cleaning Bug wanted to achieve was to attract more customers.

We spent quite a lot of time talking to Tony and Jennee about what they wanted. We talked about what they were not happy with in their current site. We talked about what they wanted to get out of a new website. We talked about the path to get there and what to expect from Woolston Web Design and also what we will expect from them. Tony and Jennee spent hours putting together content for the site. Some of the content was dot points and some was paragraphs and we used that invaluable "insider" industry information to piece together the collection of pages for the new site and how to categorise the content on those pages.

The design we built uses their corporate colour scheme and incorporates a modern layout and theme. We added capacity for customers to contact Cleaning Bug via the website and also social media sites like Facebook. We developed a custom WordPress theme with social media integration and image carousels. The WordPress theme is based on the WWD theme with modifications made just for Cleaning Bug.

Cleaning Bug's business has very visual outcomes like 'the yard looks great' or 'the house is sparkling clean'. So we suggested that they take photos of their handiwork. Some photos before they began a job, then again after they finished. Then we explained that these photos can be used to visually attract customers because the difference between before and after is amazing.

We advised Cleaning Bug that social media is an invaluable source of leads and that they should not neglect it. They now accept contact via Facebook IM and are endeavouring to respond to messages as quickly as possible. We are also beginning work on a Youtube channel where Cleaning Bug can continue to advertise their work visually.

Cleaning Bug decided to allow us to provide an ongoing support arrangement. Our support and maintenance arrangement includes a specific set of hours of priority attention per month. Generally we use this time to apply security updates or general modifications to the site but it can be used at their discretion.

We look forward to continuing to work with Cleaning Bug and welcome other cleaning companies to contact us for a chat about what we can do for them.