Google Chrome Blocking Ads

From February 15, 2018 Google will incorporate a built-in ad-blocker into the Chrome browser.

On December 18, 2017 the Coalition for Better Ads announced the "Better Ads Experience Program". This program will give guidelines for internet companies like Google and Microsoft to make a user's web browsing experience better - with less ads.

In June 2017, Google said they would support the Better Ads Standards in the new year. Now they have committed to a date - February 15, 2018.

The Coalition For Better Ads have standards for desktop web and mobile web experiences. Currently, this is only targeting North America and Europe though.

Ads which violate these standards will be reported and listed in an "Ad Experience Report". If a site presents violations, the Ad Experience Report may suggest ways to remedy the violation. Once the violations are fixed, site owners can request a review of the site. The Ad Experience Report can be viewed by site owners via Google Webmaster Tools. You can see if your site has been reviewed and view the report.

Hopefully this means that we will not need to resort to ad-blocker programs to stop those annoying interfering messages while browsing.