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Community Bridges

Woolston Web Design is proud to announce the launch of the new website for Community Bridges.

Community Bridges is a not-for-profit organisation and works with in-mates when they leave jail.

Community Bridges did not have a website so we offered to do the work pro-bono. They are not-for-profit and do invaluable work in the community, so I thought they deserved a helping hand.

The site is built on WordPress with our custom blank slate theme. Graham was very well prepared when we began work. He had a spreadsheet with a hierarchy of the pages that he wanted and all the content that he wanted on those pages. This is often the most difficult part of a new site, but Graham had it all under control.

So I went about arranging the page layout and content. Each of the pages given to me had a few paragraphs of content, which would have looked quite bare. So I decided to combine pages that were similar into one page with headings. That left us with 5 pages which needed to be added to the top navigation menu. Each page heading was marked up with a [name] attribute which made it accessible as an anchor on the page. To make navigation as easy as possible, I made the top navigation menu link to those anchors. So the submenu items are simply hyperlinks to anchors on the intended page.

It's quite a simple site, but Community Bridges and Woolston Web Design are happy with the result.

Thank you very much for your assistance in doing this for us.  It is very much appreciated.

-- Graham Rutherford

You can find Community Bridges at http://www.cb.org.au.