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Bespoke .Net

Bespoke development simply means – we will build it to your specifications. When we say build it, we mean from the ground up. We start by discussing your needs with you and your team. We author a specification document that we all agree on, and then we get cracking.

We want to hear your ideas so come prepared to talk about what you want and your goals for the system we will build. That conversation will be helpful because it will give us a clear understanding of what you want, and we will be thinking of how to deliver it.

We will explain our ideas and how we will go about building it. There are many platforms and languages to write applications in, so you can have input into that.

Throughout the development process, we keep you up to date so you know how things are progressing. We have a strong Agile methodology so we strive to give you valuable feedback and a deliverable product at milestones throughout the project. And we use project management tools so that you can contribute to the process while also seeing how we are progressing.

Development of this kind is usually a longer-term and complex project, and you will have a fully customised system at the end.