Web Site Design For Centra Toowong

Woolston Web Design is proud to announce the re-designed web site for a new client – Centra Toowong apartment building. You can see the new site here.

The previous site was difficult for the customer to manage, so we built this site to look good but the main objective was to allow the building managers to manage the content.

Centra Toowong is a new building complex in Toowong, Brisbane with 13 floors of apartments. These apartments need to be advertised for sale or rent as tenants come and go. So one of the main requirements was that the information about each apartment should be searchable.

We built the site on WordPress and developed custom fields for the apartment information. This meant that property managers could easily update an apartment when it was no longer available, change pricing and other key information about an apartment. All of these custom fields are searchable, so we built a simple search facility into the header of the site so that people could search from any page.

We look forward to continuing to work with Centra Toowong.