Coming Soon! A Vue.js Course To Teach You How To Create A Fully Working Application

I am continually trying to improve my coding skills and learn new techniques and methodologies. Part of that is to also keep abreast of new languages. I have been closely watching the rise of Vue.js and decided I wanted to learn it. So I started researching.

I looked at many different sources to get learning material and there are plenty. But it seemed like they all just explained how to do specific aspects of the language. I wanted to learn how to create a full application that was meaningful and applicable to the real world. But I couldn’t find anywhere that gave me what I wanted. So I decided to create something myself.

This course will detail the strategy, design and implementation of an entire application. From start to finish. I will:

  • analyse the data I want to capture and detail how to create a MySQL database to store the data
  • create a PHP-driven API that allows full CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) functionality against the database
  • explain and implement the routing strategy for the API using a .htaccess file
  • create the shell Vue.js application
  • create pages and components that call the API to retrieve and update data
  • style the application in a sensible and easy-to-navigate manner that you might expect from any real-world application

The system will be a customer management application that manages customers, contacts and invoices. It will use Vue routing, conditional classes and styling, props, components, native JavaScript data fetching, client-side validation and ‘growl-style’ notifications.

I hope you will enjoy the course as much I enjoyed creating it. But above all, I hope it teaches you something new and demonstrates that creating applications can be enjoyable.

I look forward to providing you this information and please comment below if you have thoughts about the course or any questions.

I hope to see you again when the course lands very soon.