Performance Review System
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Review How Your Staff Are Performing

And get your entire company involved

Our performance review system allows you to manage your staff, roles and supervisors.

When the review process is finished, print great looking reports to use when your people meet together to discuss goals and KPIs.

Customise your Forms

We can customise your review forms so that they use your terminology, your logos and branding.

Multi-Language Support

The site supports a number of different languages and there are more being incorporated regularly. If you have specific language needs, just ask and we will do our best to support as many languages as possible.

Keep your History

You may only use the system for a few months a year. But you still want to have that information available throughout the entire year. Our robust reports make it easy for you to review information from previous review periods.

You create the questions for your staff to complete.

Your staff complete the questions and score their performance over the period to date.

Once they complete the questions, they submit their responses to their supervisor with the click of a button.

The supervisor contributes their feedback regarding the person's performance.

Once all feedback is submitted, questions are locked and remain in a 'read-only' state until the face-to-face review meeting. At that point, a report can be printed to facilitate the meeting discussion.

It's really that easy!

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