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WordPress has always been very popular because it can be used as a Content Management System (CMS). Wordpress gives you control of the content on the site.

We can create great looking sites and create the structure for you then you fill the site with your content.

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Bespoke .Net

Bespoke development simply means – we will build it to your specifications. When we say build it, we mean from the ground up. We start by discussing your needs with you and your team. We author a specification document that we all agree on, and then we get cracking.

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Mobile Apps

Not only can mobile devices be used for games, but they are great productivity tools too. We have a great team of mobile developers who can build you a mobile app that will deliver data to your workforce quickly and conveniently.

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What’s New At Apple – WWDC 2017

Once again, Apple have announced their latest and greatest at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Here are some of the features coming to an Apple device near you (as well as some things you have not seen from them yet).

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The IKEA Effect

The IKEA Effect suggests that people will place a higher value on products they have partially created – just like the furniture you buy from IKEA.

At Woolston Web Design, we prescribe to this way of thinking. We pride ourselves on giving you the most amount of value.

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Nintendo Switch

This looks totally awesome.

I have a Nintendo Wii which I love playing but this new console takes it to a whole new level.

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Nokia 3310 Is Back

The Nokia 3310 phone was one of the most durable and widely used phones in it’s day. To say that it is “coming back from the dead” would be misleading because the phone was so unbreakable that it never could have possibly died!

The original 3310 was very popular at the same time as the Y2K bug was thought to end humanity as we know it. Now Nokia has announced plans to release a new version of the classic mobile phone.

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Instagram’s New “Bulk Upload” Feature

Instagram launched a new feature which lets you share up 10 photos or videos in one post. If you are a user of the media sharing app, get ready because I am sure you will be inundated with even more photos of meals and cats.

Some functionality included in the new feature includes changing the order, editing images individually or choosing a filter that will apply to all items you are sharing. However, all images will share the same caption.

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Say Goodbye To Yahoo!

Yahoo! has long been a giant within Internet circles. Back in the 1990’s, Yahoo was the preferred search engine of choice before Google and Bing. It was once worth $125 billion but it has come time for one of the early internet pioneers to say goodbye.

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These Are The Google Results You Are Looking For

Most of us use Google as our search engine of choice. If you want to know something, type a string of words into the text field under the colourful Google logo and search. Everything you could ever want to know appears before your very eyes.

But there are times when you may not know the exact string of words to search for. You may only know the first word of a phrase, or a single word within a name of something. Here are some helpful tips to consider when using Google to search.

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Yahoo Hacked – 1 Billion Accounts Affected

Well it seems that Yahoo have been targeted again. Or they have simply screwed up … Again!

Yahoo has released a statement saying that a breach occurred in August 2013 where more than 1 billion (yes BILLION) user accounts were compromised. You may remember that Yahoo had a similar admission in September where they say that 500 million user accounts had data stolen. That’s 1.5 billion users affected!

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The Cloud Has Advantages For Your Business Applications

I spent many years in commercial IT teams where a large portion of time was spent keeping servers working, backing up, restoring, enabling and disabling user access to resources and a myriad of other tasks related to on-premises infrastructure. Moving to the cloud can save businesses lots of money on staffing, infrastructure and server costs.

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